Who we are

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Paris headquarters

The Ecole Pratique de Service Social was founded in 1913 in Paris and was one of the first schools to train social workers in France.

Our headquarters are located in the center of Paris in the historical Montparnasse area.

Our campus is ideally situated in the heart of Val d’Oise area and welcomes over 700 students every year.

Our advanced social work curriculum, offers courses in social welfare policy, human behavior and ethics, and a hands-on experience through on-the-job training and support.

Because social work requires qualified top-notch professionals, we make sure all our students have access to good-quality placements and support once they start to work.

Admission to our courses are subject to a written exam and interview. It is equally possible to sign-up for Access Courses in order to prepare for Admission Tests.

All courses are delivered in French.